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  • Take Control Over Patient Payments

    All Electronic Software Solution


    Many providers struggle with patient billing and collection efforts, and current paper statement processes are sluggish and costly. The longer it takes to collect payment, the less likely it will be paid. Given the trend towards higher deductible plans, patient to provider payments will only continue to grow. Now, providers have a way to take greater control over patient payments!


    Medical Payment Strategies is the exclusive re-seller of Liquid Payments, an all electronic software solution for immediate patient to provider payments by delivering improved patient communications and efficiencies.

    Utilizing a simple web portal and configurable messaging, providers can facilitate payments via SMS (text) messaging and retain payment information in a secure, HIPAA and PCI compliant cloud based technology for future healthcare services provided.



    Increase Revenue

    Improve Cash Flow

    • Collect Patient Payments Upfront
    • Safely Secure Patient Payment Information for Future Billing
    • Improve Customer Relationships with Flexible Payment Options.

    Reduce Costs

    Avoid Collections

    • Patient to Provider Immediate Payment via SMS (text) Messaging
    • Automatic Recurring Payment Plans
    • Avoid Hiring 3rd Party Collection Companies
    • Eliminate Paper Statements

    Integrated Platform

    Improve Practice Efficiencies

    • Modern All Electronic Solution Utilizing a Secure Web Based Portal
    • Configurable Provider to Patient Messaging
    • HIPAA and PCI Compliant